Redecorate a Bedroom One Item at a Time

Many homeowners like to refresh the look of their bedroom on a regular basis. Fortunately, they don’t have to redecorate the entire room in one day. Sometimes changing one or two elements of a bedroom can make all the difference. Take a look at some examples of how to improve the look of a bedroom by making just a couple of changes.

Changing a Chair
A chair in the bedroom is the perfect place to catch up on your reading or just relax after a long day at work. If you already have a chair in your bedroom, think about replacing it with one in a different color or style. For instance, if you have a basic chair in a neutral color, consider getting an armchair with carved legs and colorful cushions. This simple change can lend to the appeal of the entire room. Also, you may want to paint the bedroom walls in a color that complements a color in your new chair. Painting the walls in a complementary color brings harmony to the décor of a bedroom.

Changing the Bedclothes
Changing the comforter, blankets and other bedclothes on your bed is an easy way to boost the appearance of a bedroom. For instance, if you have a solid pastel blue comforter, then go with a new comforter featuring a flowery design in lavender and white. Or, if you have a comforter that features stripes, try getting one in a solid color. In short, choose bedclothes that feature a color or design that is completely different from what you already own.

Consider a Loveseat
A loveseat is a fun addition to practically any bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, you may want to choose a loveseat instead of chairs so the space won’t be overcrowded. Select a loveseat in a color that coordinates with the bedspread or the curtains. Or, select one that looks attractive paired with the carpeting in the bedroom. A loveseat is a classic, attractive piece of furniture and it serves as a comfortable place to relax. Baker Furniture is one example of a brand that makes loveseats and other items for the bedroom.

There is no reason to delay your decorating plans for the bedroom. You can make small changes over time to end up with the bedroom of your dreams.

New Sala Set

When I went out to look for best nanokontrol a few weeks a go, I saw some really nice sala set along the way. I realized it is about time that I buy a new sala set and re arrange the house.

Looking for the best sala for our small house (with a small budget) is quite tasking. I though I would end up with nothing but I found a good deal in a furniture store near us.

The sala set which costs 9000 PhP was on sale.. the design of the set is really nice and I got it for 7000+ PhP only. What a deal!

Wanted: 6 Seater Dinning Set

Think of it as new year, new home project. And though I really want a new house, that’s out of budget as of now, so I content myself with buying new furniture and re arranging the house. I started with our living room and then our dinning area. And with that, I am still looking for a 6 seater dinning area that I can afford. I still have buy Gemini dj mixers at musicians friend and other musical instruments so the budget is really tight.

Jewelry Cabinet With Mirror

jewelry_cabinet with mirror

I have been thinking of buying a jewelry cabinet for my jewelry collections. This product is perfect if you love buying jewelries speciallywholesale fashion jewelry.  I saw this image at and since delivery here won’t be possible, I am looking for alternative.

Do you know any furniture stores that sells this kind of cabinet? Please let me know.

Quilt Designs For The Bedroom

Just reading through the names given to the designs by Donna Sharp Quilts at will provide the inspiration you need to decorate or redecorate all of the bedrooms in your home. You won’t have to search through stores, magazines and books to find a design theme that you know will be perfect for each bedroom. Decorating inspiration for a comfortable, casual, light and airy bedroom could come from quilt designs such as the Daydream Quilt, the Beach House quilt, Vicki Wedding Ring quilt or the Vineyard Square Quilt. Quilts with names such as Cotton Candy, Grape Patch or Plum Trip Around the World would be ideal for a girl’s bedroom. Boys are not usually concerned with the bedding you choose for their room, unless it happens to be something they think looks girly.

You are safe in choosing quilt designs such as Texas Star, Bear Lake, Campfire and Roanoke Square for a boys room. You have a vast assortment of quilt designs that will easily enhance a master bedroom. For a glamorous decor, there’s options such as the Chesapeake designs and the stunning Trip Around the World design. To add elegance and sophistication to the room, there’s designs such as Roanoke Square, Herringbone Square and Fleur De Lis. This is not an all inclusive list of Donna Sharp designs, but only a partial list of the designs you can select from. Whatever quilt you choose, be sure to explore the accessories that will further enhance your bedroom decor.