3 Essential Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Kitchen Knife

A lot of homeowners would agree that a good set of kitchen knives perhaps the most beloved tool in every kitchen. Without a kitchen knife, one won’t be able to experience the real joy of cooking. However, for such an essential piece of kitchenware, we actually know very little about them. There are lots of amazing knives out there that comes different features, but here we are going to talk about the three essential things you should know before buying one, especially if you’re buying for the first time.

Know the Right Knife for You
One of the many mistakes homeowners do when buying their kitchen knives is that not knowing first the right tool their kitchen needs. For most people, probably they would go for an all-purpose knife that cuts everything from trimming meat to prepping vegetables. However, it is highly recommended that one should consider buying a knife that specially made for a specific job. One must also consider their cutting style, different kinds of knife hit the cutting board differently so buying an all-purpose knife might not suit you the best. Also, think of the looks as it can significantly affect your cooking mood because surely a good looking knife adds more fun.

Know the Right Steps in Buying Your Knife
Now let’s say you already done the first part mentioned above, then the next step would know the right steps in buying your knife. There are two significant things one should consider when purchasing a knife, first is the ‘steel,’ and the other is the ‘feel.’

There are two types of steel to choose from. First is the carbon steel, and the other is stainless steel. Carbon is a lot harder and able to keep its sharpness longer than stainless steel. However, carbon steels are more prone to corrosion than stainless steels. But thanks to modern technology today, there are now carbon steels that are now resistant to corrosion.

On the other hand, the need to feel the knife is also necessary. Who would want a knife that isn’t comfortable to hold? A good kitchen knife needs to have a perfect balance when holding. We recommend choosing one with bolsters because it will improve grip significantly thus adding more comfort.

Moreover, the length of an all-purpose knife usually is eight inches. However, you won’t need this kind of length most of the time. A longer blade is best when it comes to chopping stubborn root veggies. It will be tricky to choose which one is the right knife, but we recommend to choose the one that you feel comfortable with.

Know the Right Maintenance for Your Knife
Most of the times, homeowners don’t take knife maintenance seriously. Let’s face it, after using our knives, and we immediately throw it in the dishwasher. Doing that will only make your blade dull over time. The best method that we recommend is to wash your knife with soap and hot water every after use and quickly dry it off to avoid corrosion.

A Mother’s Holiday

Dapat lang we honor our moms and make them feel special this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a time for people to thank their moms for their never-ending sacrifices for the family. After all, they assume different roles round-the-clock just to make our lives comfortable – a chef to prepare our meals every day, a doctor to tend to us when we are sick, a teacher to help us with school work and life problems, a CEO of the household, our protector to make sure we are always safe, and so many more!   

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Solane, the leading provider of LPG solutions, reminds everyone to show their love and appreciation to the woman who ceaselessly devotes herself to the family. This occasion is another moment that falls in perfectly with Solane’s Dapat Lang campaign, a program that emphasizes the importance of doing the right thing, for the family, for others and society as a whole.

And so for their continuous sacrifice, dapat lang we honor and make them feel special, and we can definitely do so through these five simple heartwarming deeds:

Cook breakfast for mom. Mothers are usually the first ones to wake up early to prepare meals and baon for the kids. This time around, let mom sleep a little longer and prepare her favorite breakfast food. Make it even more special and let her have breakfast in bed. Not only will mom admire the gesture, but it’s also guaranteed to be a good kick-start to Mother’s Day.

Let our mom enjoy a work-free day. Being head of the household means overseeing if the house is clean, ensuring the pantry is stocked with food, and cooking food for the family. Without a doubt, it can get tiring for our moms. On Mother’s Day, help her by volunteering to do the household chores and let her sit back and relax.

Spend time together. Set aside all other plans and enjoy the rest of the day with mom. Gather the whole family together and celebrate an adventure-filled day like a picnic in the park, outdoor barbecue, a hike or swim, or an out-of-town trip. This will definitely make mom feel special!

Pamper our mom. This is the perfect time to make our mothers feel like queens for a day. After all the chores she’s been doing, treat her to a quick session of mani-pedi, an hour worth of massage, or even something as simple as putting cucumber slices on her face for an affordable at-home facial that will immediately make her feel like royalty.

Surprise mom with a simple gift. Celebrating Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. Simple gestures like making a hand-made card with a short but sweet message, offering a long-stemmed rose, or baking a cake will surely warm her heart. As they say, it’s the thought that counts!

So go ahead and try these simple tips. Not only will your mom feel loved, but it will also make your bond even stronger. Dapat lang!

Fresh Options Ready-to-Cook Meat Products

Times are indeed changing. Unlike in the last decade where mothers lavishly prepare the family dinner, today’s trend has changed cooking habits to simple and easy. The fast changing times have curved our dietary habits to the convenient and instant. The pre-prep food industry has gained traction over the years and is playing a crucial rule in the day to day dietary habits of Filipino families.
Canned food, fast foods, frozen and packed meat, have evolved to replace the freshly cooked meals that families enjoy at dinner time for the simple reason that it is easy and convenient. However, we must also remember that food quality must never be sacrified for convenience.

RDF Feed, Livestock & Foods, Inc. (RDFFLFI) assures consumers of fresh and safe meat products that includes fresh, marinated, ready to cook and processed meat products with their Fresh Options Meat Shop.

Aptly called Value Added Meats, Fresh Options carry products that are easy to prepare and ready to cook. The Merry-Nades line features marinated pork and chicken in a variety of flavors that includes garlic, sweet style and classic barbecue. Fancy a ‘crispy pata’ or Ilocos bagnet? Just head on over to Fresh Options for your Crispinoy ready-to-fry fix. For tocino, longganisa, tapa and embotido, try Fresh Options Rapsarap products. For your kid’s baon like hotdog and chicken nuggets, try Fresh Options Kiddie Goodie products. Try out the Ulam Mismo Line (Ulam Ora Mismo) for ready-to-heat Filipino meals like Dinuguan, Beef Kaldereta, Bopis, Pork and Chicken Sisig, Beef Mechado, Chicken Curry and many more! Craving for Chinese cuisine? Try Fresh Options Dimsum Basket for your Pork and Chicken siomai, Chicken Feet, Quekiam fix! Want to impress your guests with some chef’s signature recipes? Don’t miss Fresh Options Chef Series line of ready to heat meals like Chicken Galantina, Beef Rendang, Crispy Pata Paksiw and many more!

Fresh Options’ processed meat products and ready-to-cook items are guaranteed fresh. RDFFLFI allocates a portion of slaughtered meats as main ingredients of Value Added Meat products that go directly to the processing plants and cooking areas. The ready-to-heat meals have a shorter shelf life to ensure that the products are “Siguradong Fresh! Siguradong Special!”

RDFFLFI takes pride in providing consumers with safe meat products. Founded by veterinarian-entrepreneur Dr. Robert Lo in 1985, the company is a medium-scale agri-food system enterprise that has an end-to-end integrated food supply chain that includes livestock breeding, feed manufacturing, meat processing, and distribution to food service delivery. A pool of veterinarians on-site monitor and secure proper husbandry practices at the poultry and hog farms to ensure that they are healthy and free of diseases. High-quality feeds developed in-house through years of research are also fed to the company’s poultry and hogs to ensure they will contain less fat and leaner meat.

“Our company is committed to providing better access to high-quality food from farm to table to our Filipino consumers. This is made possible by investing in innovation and ensuring that safety is paramount in all our process of handling the meat products, starting from the source up to the table,” shares Dr. Lo.

Safety Tips in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. It is where family members cook and share food together. Being the busiest area of the house, however, it is also where accidents and injuries commonly occur. In fact, most home fires start in the kitchen.

To prevent accidents, it is important to keep the kitchen safe and clean at all times. Solane, the country’s favorite cooking gas, provides the following safety tips:

Keep your kitchen organized. Designate specific areas in the kitchen for cooking, eating and storage of food ingredients, utensils, and all other necessities. Put knives and other potentially dangerous objects and substances away from children’s reach. Keep flammable materials and substances, like curtains and cooking oil, away from the stove. Install a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher for emergencies.

Observe cleanliness. Ensure that all utensils are clean and dry before and after using them to avoid food contamination. Use hot and soapy water to clean utensils, sink and countertops. Wash and dry sponges and dishcloths after use to prevent bacterial growth. Do not forget to clean clutter and any spills in all areas of the kitchen, especially the floor, to avoid accidents.

Prepare food carefully. Always wash your hands before and after food preparation. Avoid wearing loose clothes when preparing food because it might catch fire from the stove or get caught in the cooking equipment. When frying, keep the oil from splattering by heating it slowly then putting the ingredients gently in the pan. If the oil overheats and catches fire, cover the pan with a lid then turn off the burner. Never throw water on burning oil to avoid spreading a grease fire.

Attend to your cooking at all times. Unattended cooking is the main cause of kitchen fires that’s why it’s wise to stay in the kitchen during food preparation. Even if you are using an oven or a timer, it’s advisable to check it from time to time. Never forget to turn off the stove and all electrical equipment in the kitchen before leaving the area for an extended period of time.

Use authentic LPG cylinders. When using LPG for cooking, purchase only an LPG cylinder from reputable dealers and do not accept one that is not in good condition. The 11kg Solane LPG cylinder is available in 2 variants: the A/S type which has an automatic shutoff safety feature, and the POL type (“de roskas”) which is the more common alternative. Both types come with an innovative safety cap and seal, which protects the LPG tank by preventing dust and dirt from entering the valve which normally causes leaks. . The seal also ensures that the cylinder is filled properly and legally by Solane.

Place the LPG cylinder in a well-ventilated area in your home and away from sources of ignition. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use and maintenance of your LPG cylinder and gas appliance.

Observing basic rules of kitchen safety can go a long way in protecting yourself and your loved ones from accidents. Without recipes for disaster, you can focus more on cooking homemade dishes that are sure to delight everyone at the table.

To learn more about LPG safety at home, visit http://solane.com.ph.