BC Bloggers

Mommy Bloggers
A list of bloggers by mommies

Daddy Bloggers
Blogs by Daddies

Food Blogs
Anything about food, cuisine or eating.

Health Blogs
Keeping in shape, being sporty and being healthy

Travel Blog
Anything about travel, spots and recreation

Any blog about camera, photos and project 365

Baby Blogs
Blogs of your kiddos

House and Home Blogs
House, real estate, home management, gardening related websites

Fashion Blogs
Blogs about make up, fashion and the likes.

On The Go
Blogs about movies, current events, politics and opinions, business

Technology related blog, sports, autos, manly stuffs

Any blogs that have a personal touch and does not include on any of the categories above

If you want to be included in any of the list above, add this blog to your blogroll or link list and email me the following information:

URL of the blog where you link my site
Category on which your site should be included
Short Description of your site. Two sentences.

Email that using my CONTACT PAGE with the title LINK EXCHANGE

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