Quilt Designs For The Bedroom

Just reading through the names given to the designs by Donna Sharp Quilts at Linens-N-More.com will provide the inspiration you need to decorate or redecorate all of the bedrooms in your home. You won’t have to search through stores, magazines and books to find a design theme that you know will be perfect for each bedroom. Decorating inspiration for a comfortable, casual, light and airy bedroom could come from quilt designs such as the Daydream Quilt, the Beach House quilt, Vicki Wedding Ring quilt or the Vineyard Square Quilt. Quilts with names such as Cotton Candy, Grape Patch or Plum Trip Around the World would be ideal for a girl’s bedroom. Boys are not usually concerned with the bedding you choose for their room, unless it happens to be something they think looks girly.

You are safe in choosing quilt designs such as Texas Star, Bear Lake, Campfire and Roanoke Square for a boys room. You have a vast assortment of quilt designs that will easily enhance a master bedroom. For a glamorous decor, there’s options such as the Chesapeake designs and the stunning Trip Around the World design. To add elegance and sophistication to the room, there’s designs such as Roanoke Square, Herringbone Square and Fleur De Lis. This is not an all inclusive list of Donna Sharp designs, but only a partial list of the designs you can select from. Whatever quilt you choose, be sure to explore the accessories that will further enhance your bedroom decor.

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