How Often Should You Change Beddings?

I was often asked by my readers if changing bed sheet and bed linens is something that is done in a monthly basis. Sometimes it’s hard to answer specially because changing stuff like bed sheet is based on the climate on your area.

If you live in a tropical country like the Philippines or anywhere in Asia where the sun is always appearing, changing sheets is a must on a weekly basis. There are some areas though that it should be changed 2-3x per week. These areas includes busy streets where dust is everywhere or if the user is a heavy sweater.

If you live in a cold country, changing beddings can be done twice a month. But if you are the type of person who sweats a lot, I suggest changing your sheets every week. And sometimes, you need to change it more often than that. As soon as it smells something off, go and don’t think twice and change your beddings.

How to keep your bed sheets clean longer?

It is a must that you change clothes before going to bed. Do not ever go to bed with your work uniform or the clothes you wear in a party. The dust and germs that comes in contact with your clothes will be transferred to your bed. You do not want a bed that smells of alcohol and smoke. Also, taking a bath before going to bed is a must.

What’s the best bed sheet color?

I always for for white beddings because it can clearly be seen if it needs changing asap. White beddings can also add up to the mood as it makes you feel like you are staying in a hotel. It’s also good in photos!

How many bed sheets, beddings should you have?

I suggest having at least 4 sets of beddings that you can use alternately.

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