Make Your Dining Moments Even Sweeter with Reyal’s Litson Manok

In life, there are things you just can’t live without. Movie marathons with the ‘barkada’ are not complete without your favorite popcorn in hand.  Meanwhile, family reunions are just not the same without a sumptuous buffet spread over a long table. Filipinos are known to be food lovers and they want every dining moment to be special and complete.

Reyal Litson Manok, the latest chicken sensation in the market, wants to make every Filipino’s dining experience to be all the more exciting with the addition of its unique and special blend of  “Hanep na Sauce” that appeals to everyone’s tastes.

Reyal Litson Manok, is a charcoal-roasted butterfly-cut chicken that arrived in Philippine stores with a  ‘Hanep na Sauce’ that is  a combination of sweet honey sauce, chili oil, and fried garlic bits.

“We are launching the Reyal Litson Manok because we want to give Filipinos a new dining experience. We want to give them the option of enjoying roasted chicken in a new way, but at the same time we want to let them know that charcoal roasted chicken can be delicious and affordable at the same time,” said Patricia Abiog, Reyal Litson Manok Brand Head.

Abiog shared that Reyal’s Litson Manok sauce is not merely glazed or drizzled as the chicken is served with a generous amount of the sauce. The sauce variant is also a great departure from the usual ‘lechon sauce or toyomansi’, resulting in a brand new way of enjoying your favorite roasted chicken meal.

Reyal’s “Mas masarap ‘pag may sauce” tagline is due to the unique sauce that comes with its litson manok. The brand is the answer to the Filipino’s penchant for sauces but offers something different from lechon sauce or toyomansi, a favorite among Pinoys.

Reyal Litson Manok is a product of Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. The brand name is a play on the name of Col. Pedro Real who discovered the Tumaga River in Zamboanga, one of the original places that developed the ‘litson manok’ style of cooking.

As of today, Reyal Litson Manok has 31 outlets nationwide and is continuously expanding.. The outlets are located in Davao, CDO, Southern Tagalog, General Santos, Ormoc, Calbayog, and of course, Metro Manila.

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