Interesting Places to Live in the United States

Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience, especially when the home is located in a new town or city. Most families move between suburbs and rural communities, not giving much thought to the beautiful natural landscapes available in the United States. If one longs for a home in a unique place, any of the below places would be an excellent change of scenery.

Tranquil Lakeside Living
Living on a lake is much like being on vacation year round. With a personal boat dock, the homeowner could go out onto the lake at any time to enjoy fishing, swimming, or simply boating. Freshwater lakes provide excellent fishing, and lakeside communities tend to be smaller. A large percentage of lake homes are usually rentals or vacation homes, making the lake quite a tranquil place to be during the off season. Buying property on large lakes, such as homes on Lake Wylie, offers the opportunity to fish for monstrous sized fish. Large lakes allow for certain species to grow to their full potential, which is perfect for sportsmen fishers.

Scenic Mountain Escapes
Walking out onto the porch with a cup of coffee is relaxing; but when one can walk outside and be met with a picturesque view of the mountains, it’s an absolute escape. Mountain homes are perfect for those who are in tune with nature and physically active. The hiking opportunities, wildlife diversity, and beautiful winter landscapes are absolutely breathtaking. In addition, many mountainous areas have skiing resorts. This great winter sport is one of the most unique ways to witness a mountain firsthand.

Sandy Beach Paradise
Sunny beach side living is no longer just for the retirement group. Living on a beach allows for swimming, sunbathing, and romantic walks galore. Having the opportunity to open the windows and listen to the ocean waves crashing into the beach at any hour is incredibly enticing. While tropical beach property can be relatively expensive, properties in cooler climates tend to be much more affordable for the average family. The only concern for beach front properties is the threat of inclement weather as it comes in from the sea.

Exciting natural landscapes offer some of the most beautiful places to live, even if they might come with a slightly higher price tag. However, the experiences and every day opportunities far outweigh the benefits of living in a stereotypical neighborhood or suburb.

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