3 Reasons Why Golf Is Good For Women’s Health

Being stressed for longer periods of time can eventually become an obstacle, preventing you from handling your responsibilities well and achieving your goals.

Generally known as a sport for men, women can benefit too from playing golf. While it’s true that playing golf isn’t easy, it is, however, a humbling sport. Hitting a small ball a long way until you can finally put it into a small hole in the ground requires both patience and perseverance— which are some of the few traits you need in stress management.

But there’s more to golf than just feeling good and coping with stress. See how golf opens you up to lots of wonderful aspects that can even help you change your life.

Good form of exercise

Playing golf is a great way to burn calories without you noticing it. Golf requires long hours of walking around the course and swinging your club, depending on how many holes you plan to play. So on the average round of 18 holes taking about four hours, you can burn up to an amazing 1,500 calories.

On top of that, playing golf also provides you with life-lengthening benefits such as lowering cholesterol, regulating your blood pressure, and cutting your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Improve your social life

Golf is probably one of the most social sports ever invented. Each round of golf allows you to chat with your friends and partners for hours. And as golf is a sport played by all sorts of people, it’s a great opportunity to meet and gain new friends.

Be surrounded by great views of nature

Playing golf requires you to be outside, in areas mostly surrounded by trees, which allows you to breathe fresh air. This is good for you as fresh air is full of negative ions which refreshes your body and gives you a natural lift.

Moreover, playing golf on beautifully manicured greenery set in nature’s wonderful views is breathtaking and peaceful. It allows you to relax and be one with your thoughts which enhances your mood and takes you away, even for a few hours, from the real world and all your daily problems.

So leave behind the city’s noise, traffic and pollution, and look for golf courses located in the country’s most beautiful surroundings like the Clark SunValley Golf & Resortsa project of the Donggwang Clark Corporation (DCC), the Philippine subsidiary of the SunValley Group of South Korea.

Nestled atop rolling mountains right beside the historic Sacobia River with a majestic view of Mount Pinatubo, the Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts is within a vast 304-hectare mountaintop property with two challenging courses (the 18-hole Sun and Valley Course and the 18-hole Clark Course for members only) and a clubhouse.

This masterpiece private golf course is located at an altitude of 370m above sea level. Aside from letting golfers admire great views of nature, its location provides the right amount of hazards and a fair share of windy conditions which makes each hole challenging, yet fun and enjoyable.

“There are still too many women who are unaware of how great golf is as a sport. And this is what we want to communicate to Filipino women, that in the Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts, we are providing them a unique leisure experience that will make each game of golf more valuable and entertaining than anywhere else,” said Managing Director Tug ho, Rhewy of SunValley Group of South Korea.

Aside from the golf courses, the Clark SunValley Golf & Resorts will soon also feature residential villas, a commercial mall, international school, waterpark, casino and a luxury five-star international hotel, making it a world-class recreational village.

DCC is currently offering one-time membership fee good for two persons, with no green fees, monthly and annual fees. Just sign up and enjoy its two challenging courses while enjoying a perfectly relaxing view of nature. For inquiries on golf memberships, you may call at (+63) 45-499-5184, (+63) 45-499-5185.

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