Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home Doors

Spring is here again. You’ve done outside. You’ve done inside. What about the doors? How do you start when it comes to spring cleaning your screens, doors and sliding doors? Check out these ideas for cleaning a very visual and important part of your home:

Flyscreens and security screens

Your fly or security screen collects a huge amount of dust, particles, and if you look down the bottom, remains of animals that could not escape! Unless you’re keen on having science projects on your screens, you’ll need soap up some water and be prepared to flush your screens a number of times. There’s no real quick or easy way to clean a screen – just time and effort.

If you find during your cleaning that your security screen is coming out of the mounts or the door just does not feel as ‘secure’ as it should, it’s probably an indication that your security screen isn’t doing what it’s designed to do – protect you and your family from creepies and creeps. If you find you’re not feeling secure, it’s worth contacting a home security expert, such as Stylewise Security for options on creating a safe environment for you and your family.

Hinged doors

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to check your hinged doors for any defects and remedy any potential issues. When cleaning your hinged doors, the golden rule is to start clean. Check the surrounds of the door – do you need to remove or replace a worn doormat? Are there leaves or debris near the doorway that need cleaning? Once the surrounds are clean, you can get to work on spring cleaning. Check the door hinges – have you been putting up with a squeaky door all winter? Lubricate! Are your keys getting jammed, or is your door becoming stiff to open or close? This may be a sign your door is becoming damaged or warped. Spring cleaning the door itself is easy; like anything, use hot soapy water, a microfiber cloth and a bit of elbow grease to give your door a fresh, clean look.

Sliding doors

There’s a multitude of things to consider when spring cleaning your sliding doors. As with hinged doors, ensure the surrounds are clean before you dive into a good spring once-over. With sliding doors, start from the top and work your way down. Give the outside a good hose or high-pressure water clean, getting rid of any surface dirt. With inside glass panels, use water and a microfiber cloth to both clean and give the glass a shiny buff.
One area that many people neglect when spring cleaning sliding doors are the tracks and wheels. Using hot, soapy water, get into the grooves of the tracks. Dirty tracks and wheels turn a sliding door into a grinding door. Where possible, give the wheels a once-over, too.

What methods have you employed in cleaning your doors? Are there any tips you can share to make this boring job quicker and easier? Drop your ideas in the comments below.

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