4 best ways to maintain the pool & garden with help from your kids

Maintaining a garden and pool doesn’t have to be a parent-only task – it can also be used as an opportunity to teach your children about how important it is to keep things clean and healthy! Here are 4 ways to get your kids in on the act when maintaining your backyard.

Teach your kids the signs of an unhealthy pool

Teaching your kids the signs of a healthy pool is not only beneficial knowledge to have, but can help prevent your pool from reaching the unhygienic and un-swimmable stage! The three fundamentals of identifying pool cleanliness are: how is the water clarity -does it look a bit murky? Is the floor cleaning system running as it should? Are my pool readers returning good stats, or are they irregular? Getting your kids to look out for these warning signs say, every day when they come home from school can save you lots of trouble in the future. Cleaning the pool can be hard work – so if your kids do identify the signs of an unhealthy pool, you can get a pool and garden specialist similar to Australian company Premium Pools & Gardens to do all the heavy lifting.

Teach your kids how to check the chlorine

Checking the chlorine is essential to keeping your pools clean, but its importance is often overlooked – which leads to swimming in your pool being quite an unpleasant experience! This is a task you can get your kids to help you with, whilst teaching them about how chlorine works and why it’s important. Check the inline chlorinator and monitor the readings to make sure they’re hitting the necessary levels. If they’re not, get the kids to add some chlorine tablets to the unit.

Hide treats in the patches

Need to give the kids some incentive to help you dig up the potatoes or carrots? Why don’t you sneakily plant some chocolate eggs or other (wrapped) treats near the buried veggies –they’ll be dug up in no time! Plus, if they want to find their reward, they’ll need to pull them up gently otherwise they may lose them in a flurry of soil. Win win.

Give the kids their own gardening space

What better way to give kids incentive to help out in the garden than to give them their own patch to grow whatever they want? There are heaps of plants, flowers and vegetables that are really easy to grow, and perfect for budding green thumbs to foray into the world of gardening. Tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber – all delicious and will sprout up with minimal effort. Your child will absolutely love watching the progress of their own little garden, and may even give yours a helping hand whilst their waiting to taste the fruits (or veggies) of their labour!

Getting kids to help out with maintaining the garden and the pool doesn’t have to be a chore for them – you just have to make it interesting or worth their while. Giving them ownership and making them feel responsible for something improves the incentive for them to continue maintaining the yard. When it comes to the pool, not having to swim in a disgusting volume of water should be incentive enough!

What are some of your favourite ways of getting the kids to help out in the garden and by the pool?

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