The Change of Season: What to Do With What You No Longer Need

So, winter has slowly curled up its icy fingers and gone away; the sun is warming up and the beach is looking more enticing by the day. The season is changing, but what to do with all that winter gear? It’s an annual event; packing away the thermals, gloves, coats and sweaters.

For some of us this represents a particularly sticky problem, as we just don’t have the spare room to accommodate the boxes of winter goodies. One great alternative is to hire out a storage space for the summer season and keep your home and your wardrobes, clutter free. Fort Knox, including Fort Knox Storage Mackay, offer inexpensive storage and flexibility around rental duration

Clean It

Rule number one: make sure everything is clean before you stow it away. Dirt or food particles left on clothing will cause staining over the months of storage. Clean clothes are also less attractive to insects.


Cardboard boxes are good for storing clothing, but make sure the boxes are fresh and clean. Unused suitcases are also an excellent storage spot. Seal up boxes well to keep out marauding moths, silverfish and other pests. Line boxes with an acid free paper. Be careful of storing in plastic as trapped moisture will cause damage.

Pest Control

Mothballs are no longer considered safe if you have children or pets as they are very poisonous. Other options are a good sprinkling of Epsom salts, or the insertion of cedar blocks.

Don’t Hang Sweaters

It’s better to pack the woollens away, not to hang them. Sweaters and coats can become misshapen with long term hanging. Stack your items with the heaviest on the bottom through to the lightest on the top. If you do hang items make sure you use the hanging loops on the clothing.

If you are hanging winter garments away, make sure they can breathe. Wrap the item in loose breathable fabric and also make sure there is enough room for air to circulate in the wardrobe or cupboard. This will help avoid mildew and mould.

Storage Conditions

The best storage conditions for winter clothes are cool, dark, clean and dry. Thoroughly clean an area before storing and make sure boxes are very clean. Choose an area that will not be exposed to heat. Darkness will prevent your clothes from fading and dryness is essential to keep out mildew and insects.

Check It

It is a good idea to keep an eye on your stored items from time to time. This way you will find any issues before major damage has occurred. Don’t just set and forget. Regularly make sure your boxes are intact and free from any stains, moisture or insects.

By taking the time to follow these storage tips you will find your weather clothes in great condition when winter arrives once more. It’s a good idea to clean stored clothes before wearing to give them a nice freshness.

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