Tips in Buying Hammock

Hammock is a nice addition to your home. Place it outside, under the tree or at your balcony. Enjoy a lazy afternoon on your hammock, while playing the flute or reading a book.

Are you thinking of buying a hammock? Not sure what hammock to buy? It is best to know what type of hammock you are going to buy for you to be able to enjoy and relax.

Cotton hammock is the most traditional and the most comfortable type. The material used is cotton. Best to bear in mind that cotton is not water resistant so putting it outdoors especially during bad weather will cause it to break. Do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Polyester hammock is not as pliable as the cotton but it lasts long than cotton hammock because it is more firm. This characteristic makes it a popular choice. Do not leave it outside for long period of time.

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