Dream House

Owning a house and lot is what all of the people dreamt of, even kids now a day. Renting a house or an apartment is quite heavy in budget; thus, people prefer to have their own home instead.

House is one of the things everyone wanted to have in their lives, especially those who just successfully graduated from schooling and taking their next step towards future. Even me, I’ve been dreaming of having my own house where my kids, my hubby and I would stay to. What I love about it is designing the house according to what we wanted it to be seen by others. Deciding what color to paint in from the receiving area down to comfort room especially the kitchen.

Since kitchen is the place where we invite people to dine in and have some chit chats, of course this part should be the most attractive place in the house. And if ever time comes, I want my kitchen would be the best kitchen in the world. I want to put different unique appliances, tools for baking, dining table, and a lot more that can be used in that area and of course consider painted kitchen cabinets too. These are one of the important things kitchen should have and so people should take note of it as this where we can put our plates, spoon and forks and even use it as our storage place for food (instant and in can to be specific). Well, of course, this is where we cook and some consider it their dining area, and so this should be beautify according to the owner’s tastes.

There could be plenty of ways on how to design and beautify our own home yet the problem is that, owning is quite difficult especially if our monthly salary is good enough for our daily expenses and so we should saved first in order for us to make our dream come true.

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