Tips On Cleaning Your Refrigerator

We all know that refrigerator is one of the most important part of our kitchen. For a family of 4 kids like mine, I need to maintain my ref as full and as clean as possible. We usually do our food shopping every two weeks then place the produce on the ref and the meats on the freezer. I have a two door ref, I can’t remember the height, but it is big enough to accommodate our weekly food needs.

Since I buy food every two weeks, as much as possible, I also clean the ref before putting the food there. If I am not in the mood to clean it, I at least wipe it a little. And because our ref is upstairs, sometimes there  are leftovers that we forgot. It’s a sad case but we have no other choice but to disregard of those left overs.

I read somewhere that cleaning ref should be done at least every two weeks and should be cleaned overall every month. If your ref has a water dispenser and uses electrolux refrigerator filter, you might want to clean it more often.

When cleaning the ref, take out everything in there, food and racks and trays that are removable. Clean the racks and tray separately and wipe it dry. Clean the inside of the ref using a wet clothe. Do not use a dish washing liquid in cleaning your ref. If your ref smells bad, try placing a charcoal inside as it absorbs the bad smell.


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