Types Of Properties

We have been renting out for about 8 years now. Yes we have plans of having our own house, buying a lot and building my dream house on it. We have been planning for it for a long time already. Before we make our decision on where to live, we have been discussing the different types of properties being sold here in the country. I take a look at las vegas short sale deals and was convinced that the best option for us it to buy a lot then build a house on it.

For those who are thinking what kind of property to buy, let me discuss a few types and see for yourself what your family needs. I tried working in real estate before, so in a way I was expose to different kinds of properties

Condominiums are one of the most common type being sold nowadays. It can be a high rise condominium or low rise (usually 5 floors maximum). The best part of buying a condo unit is the amenities that comes with it. Most condominiums have swimming pool, play ground and gym. Their clubhouse is a perfect place to meet with friends or hold a party. The thing is, with the amenities you can enjoy, you have the expect that you will be paying monthly dues.

Townhouses is another type which is usually attached to each other (row house). Usually town houses are located in subdivisions. And though most have the same amenities such as condo, not all subdivisions offers this. If you want a place of your own but does not like the idea of living in a condo, town house is the perfect place for you.

House and lot is a kind of property that also gives importance to the lot or the area where in there is no constructed house. This kind of property is often located outside of the city. If you have a big family like ours, I think this is the best type of property for you. You have the freedom to whatever you want in your lot. Build a small playground or have a small garden. You can find nice house and lot at different subdivisions outside the city. And because it is bigger, sometimes, buying house and lot property can be more expensive than buying a condo or a townhouse.
Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all opinions are mine. 

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