The Iron Lady

Finally, after months (or maybe a year) of avoiding it, I said yes and did it. Ironing is my weakness. I am multi tasker and when you are ironing clothes, you can’t do anything do other things. Unlike when you are cooking, you can clean the house while doing so, or you can even blog. The same goes with doing the laundry, you can cook, blog and even clean the house while the clothes are spinning. The reason why I love doing the laundry so much. And yes, that is also the reason why I never like washing the dishes, the same with ironing, you can multi task! If only there is a device that can record your thoughts while doing those chores, at least you can “blog” while ironing.

Another thing I do not like about ironing is that you can’t wash your hands right after doing it. And the the iron being hot is not a good idea too for someone who sweats a lot like me. Good thing the weather is cooperating.

I managed to iron  most of hubby’s work clothes and the kids school uniform. And as I have said, it is my weakness, thank goodness my husband is not meticulous with his clothes.

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