The Flood Proof Home

Philippines, specially Metro Manila, is once again hit by a flood. What is surprising about the flood that hit the Metro last August was the fact that there was no storm signal, it was only Habagat rains! I guess that is one of the reason why PAG ASA now creates a new gauge in terms of rain, aside from the storm signals, they also now have gauge for rain drops. Let’s not talk about that, but more on how to make your house flood proof.

I know it will never be 100% flood proof, specially if you live in a flood risk area. What I am trying to tell is what to do to make it easier for you post flooding.

Start it by de cluttering your house. Less clutter, less mess after the flood. Throw away papers and other stuff that you no longer use, if you are into recycling, sell it or bring those to junk shops.

If you do have a second floor, keep your house tidy by storing things that you don’t usually use on the second floor. Things such as your whole set of dinnerware that only used during parties or shoes that are only worn one or twice a month. Only leave things that you use on a daily basis.

Make a flood plan. When the water starts to rise, you’d be alarmed and end up losing all your important stuff on flood. Plan ahead, what needs to be placed on a safe place. Having a plan prevents you from panicking.

Yes, we cannot be flood proof 100% but we can always be flood prepared 100%.

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