Appliances For House Makers (and a Fairy visit)

It was never easy to be a full time mother and a house manager.

That was what I said to fairy Hobmother when he visited this blog. He, the fairy is a HE, mentioned that I should check out his fairy overloads at Appliances Online and see what a house manager like me can buy to ease my chores. And before he leave, he gave something that I can use to purchase the much needed appliance.

Now that makes me think, what are the must have appliance of every mommy?

My top three would be the following, based on my experience:

Refrigerator for food storage.

Dishwasher for easy washing of dirty dishes, which by the way is my least favorite household chore. 

Washing Machine (automatic please) for easy and fast laundry. 

I really think every household should have a dishwasher, because I don’t and as I mentioned I never really liked doing it, so if we have a dishwasher, my life would be easier.

Now, going back to Fairy Hobmother, most of you may wonder, who is this fairy that is a HE?

Fairy Hobmother, you can find at Twitter (go follow Fairy Hobmother) is a fairy who has been on different blogs lately.  alot of friends said so many good things about him and in fact I have been maintaining this home sparkling clean in case he paid me a visit. And yes he did! It was such a very nice visit and he mentioned that if you will leave a comment in this blog, he might visit yours too!

Please tell me, what do you think is the top 3 appliances a house maker should have?

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4 thoughts on “Appliances For House Makers (and a Fairy visit)

  1. we almost have the same choices marce. 3 musts for a home maker like me: a big refrigerator with big freezer to store at least 2 weeks worth of food, a dish washer so I can save on water and soap, and a trusty vacuum cleaner to suck the dust away!

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