Gardening Update: Bigger Pots, Bigger Plants

I mentioned that I will be needing bigger pots for my plants but since I still don’t have the funds, I decided it is best to plow the small land on our front and transfer some of the plants there. It took me almost a day to finish cultivating the land. I had to dig deep in order to give way to better kind of soil. I encountered a few earthworms and some unidentified crawlers.

the okra on our front garden

the eggplants still on pots.. will transfer them to a bigger one soon

I transferred the tomatoes since I know it needs a bigger land to grow. I also transferred the okras because it seems it is not growing bigger on pots. I also transferred the sigarilyas since my mom told me sigarilyas has big roots. I also transferred some of the chili and my mom transferred some of the Chinese Kangkong we had. The small land still has some space so I am planning to buy more kangkong seeds. I also plan to buy more plants and start an herb garden.

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