Tips on making your home cooler this summer

Summer is heating up our home, isn’t? What could be the best way to make our home cooler though sun heats up our day?

There are plenty of ways to make our place look fresher and comfortable to stay with. One of the ways to make it possible is cleaning up our house everyday, changing up our curtains with light colors so that it makes our home very attractive and at the same time it lightens up the place and lastly, putting up plants that are good for indoors and outdoors. Aside from that, never put things that are dark in colors because it brings heavy aura and it doesn’t lighten up your place at all. And of course, cooling off your home using electric fan could help your place looking cooler this summer!

During summer, also try changing your pillows, cotton pillows such as zabuton are better as it facilitates air flow.

Always remember, to make our place look cooler not just during summer but of course anytime, or any season, always keep it clean; as cleanliness reflects on what kind person we are.

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