The Magic Of Carpet

I love carpets.. in fact when I was a teen ager, I have my own room with carpet on it. I had not know about carpet stain removers that time since my carpet was stain free. Now that I have kids, I still want to decorate my house with carpets. Of course, that won’t be achievable this time since the house we are living is not ours. If we have our own house, I will defineitly have carpets on it. Carpets everywhere! I will have carpet on our dinning room, a carpet on our living room as well as on our bedroom.

I really love carpets and I know how much it can do to the interior look of the house. It can make a house look different. By just placing a carpet on the living room, it can make the room very homey. Add a carpet under the dinning table and it can make a dinning room beaming with class.

I think I will even put a small carpet on the powder room as well as the kid’s room.

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