Chores For Me And You

I have been in and out of blogging lately, focusing more on the house hold chores and the kids. Some of you knows that I no longer have house helpers.. I used to have 2, last Christmas they went to their province for vacation but did not come back.. I have to endure months of not having helpers.. good thing my older sister was here to help me. Come April and my younger sister with his son came here and lived with us. It was a big help for me.. now in return, I have been helping her to find jobs in the net, Technical Writer Jobs seems to be not on her expertise.. I was thinking of blogging related jobs.

When it comes to household chores, our tasks was divided base on the things that we love mentioned before, I love doing the laundry so that’s my area.. my sister on the other hand is on the sink area as I never really like washing the dishes 🙂

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