9 Tips for Removing Pet Hair from Your Home

After a marathon cleaning spree through your house, the last thing you want to see stuck into your couch cushions is pet hair. These are some very simple solutions for any pet hair problem you may have in your home.

Nine Tips for Removing Pet Hair from Your Home

1. Gloves- Wear a glove, such as a latex or dish washing glove, and rub it against the surfaces where you see the pet hair. You can even get your fingers in to the cracks of couches or in your car. The static electricity will pull the pet hair out of the fabric it is stuck in.
2. Tape- Go to your local department store and buy a roll of thick tape. Rip off a piece and make a loop with it, sticky side out. Slip your hand in to it then press it up against the pet fur to pull it away from the fabric it is stuck to. If you want to spend a little more money you could buy yourself a lint roller.
3. Vacuum attachment- There is a vacuum attachment available on line at stirtsystems.com. This attachment has Velcro type rollers that seem to get the hair out very well.
4. Sponge Mop- For the sponge mop you need to vacuum the carpet first so it is clear of dirt particles and loose pet hair. Next, get your kitchen sponge mop and wet it only till it is damp. Drag the mop across the carpet and the pet hair will clump up as you do this. You can either pick up the clumps with your hands or you can go back over the carpet with the vacuum cleaner.
5. Balloon- Inflate a balloon and rub it on the pet hair you want to remove. This will create static that will pull the pet hair off the problem area. You can clean the balloon surface and reuse.
6. Use a Velcro curler- A curler like ladies use for their hair. Rub the curler on the surface that needs to be cleaned and the hair will attach itself right to the Velcro.
7. Fabric Softener- a dryer sheet will pick up pet hair from any surface you find it on. You can also spray the area with a water and fabric softener mixture to make any surface “ready” to release the pet hair.
8. Your hand- A very simple and inexpensive pet hair removal solution. You need to dampen your hand and rub it in a downward motion on the fabric. You will end up with a hand full of pet hair.
9. Clothes dryer- If you are trying to remove pet hair from clothing you can put your clothes in the dryer with a dryer sheet. The lint catcher will collect the pet hair and the dryer sheet will freshen your clothes.

A guest post from L. Lubel, who usually blogs about online veterinarian technician training as well as course requirements for these programs.

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