Cities In The Philippines That Has An Ordinance On Limiting The Use Of Plastics

I have very open on my move to go plastic less. I am still not 100% free of plastic but I try to shy away from it as much as possible. When I buy medicines from a drug store, I always told them no top put it in  plastic bag. Those lttle plastics cannot be reuse. So the next time you buy diet pills on your drug store, you can try to jut put it directly in your bag end not use plastic.

Banning plastic bags or limiting the use of it has been in place for many countries in the world. The Philippines, being one that supports the environment, is now doing something, even little by little, to be a good example to neighboring cities. Due to plastics used the wrong way, it has caused our health and environment some damage. Many people, for lack of discipline, just throw their trash everywhere and anywhere, even in canals and sewage, rivers and beaches. Flash floods happen because of that habit. Trash, especially plastics, is the prime reason of clogging drainage.

The move to ban plastics and use paper bags instead is a good start to limit the plastic bags. Although plastics are waterproof, it cannot be degradable and soggy just to melt away when they fall into drainage systems.

of our lauding like Muntinlupa City, Batangas City, Los Banos (Laguna) and Binan (Laguna). Hopefully, others will follow.
There are several places that are worthy

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