The Ecobag Collection

I still don’t know where to put this, the ecobag collection. Should it be on my parenting blog since that’s where I started to post our green living? Or should it be here on my home blog since I have been posting green living ideas here?

Having a lot of blogs can be challenging at times. There are topics that seems to be good on my other blogs and still would work on some of my blogs. Of course when the topic is about phones and technology, techpehpot is the way to go. Hubby’s phone went straight to that site and even the new htc was posted there. I also have a hard time publishing press release, and events. I would be invited to cover an event and was expected to blog in on my main blog.. but then again the topic was off with my main blog. Sometimes, I just blogged it twice, one with my main blog, with a touch of motherhood on it (since it is a parenting blog) and the other would be posted on the blog where the topic is related.

Back to my ecobag, where do you think I should post it?



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