For The Homemakers

In certain parts of the world, when a person is disabled and they can no longer work because of it, they can get a disability application and still receive income. That’s a program in terms of disability in most countries. Now that makes me wonder, how about the homemakers? What will happen if a homemaker was hurt or disabled? Will they receive something from their country too? Is there a program intended for a home maker?

I guess there is, only if a home maker starts young. SO my advice for all home makers, not because you are not working and staying at home does not necessarily means you will stop paying your obligations. Check your SSS or your taxes. File for it if you have none. This will really help you in the long run.

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3 thoughts on “For The Homemakers

  1. In Canada, Disability is not paid through a job but through the government and is available to anyone. However, it is very difficult to get on, and most people are denied at least once before being approved.

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