Coupons And Savings

It’s no secret that I always look for sale, discounts and coupons. Being a mother of four kids, I always look for buying option that will give me a lot of savings.

Lately, I have been spending some time on websites that offer discounts. I was able to buy a hair treatment at 70% off. I bought 3 coupons, one for me and two for my sisters. And then early this week, I bought 2 food coupons for a Kapampangan resto at 50% off.  I’m planning to buy coupon for a massage theraphy. It’s a good stress buster and a good way to spend time with my husband. If there would be a coupon for an online degree programs, I’m sure a lot of moms would be interested.

Another offer that’s selling like hotcakes are travel coupons.


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