What You Need To Do During Earthquake

With the recent reports and confirmation from Philvocs that a big Earthquake is waiting to happen here in the country (the Marikina Fault Line as they say is over ripe for a move). We have to be prepared and know what we should do when a big Earthquake strikes.

The Valley Fault System and formerly as the Marikina Valley Fault System is a group of dextral strike-slip fault which extends from San Mateo, Rizal to Taguig City on the south; running through the cities of Makati, Marikina, Parañaque, Pasig and Taguig. The fault possesses a threat of a large scale earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or higher within the Manila Metropolitan Area. (as described in wikipedia)

The source of the following landmarks is the map prepared by GMANews.TV based on the Philvocs’ geographical map of the Valley Fault System and Google maps of Metropolitan Manila. Landmarks are used as reference only and no not indicate vulnerability to risks:

Parkwood Hills Subdivision
Violago Homes
Batasan Hills, Ayala Heights, Tumana,
Ateneo de Manila University
Riverbanks Ferry Terminal
Eastwood City
Green Meadows
Valle Verde
Pembo Elementary School
Mc Kinley Hills (Garden Village

If the ground starts shaking what you must do? Any part of the country you are, may it be at work, home or in school or in any public place, the first thing you should do is DO NOT PANIC. Then THINK.

If it happened in school:

  • Cover your head with your hand or use your book and follow the order of your teacher or remember your earthquake drill.
  • If it seems everything is in chaos, go under a table to protect you from falling debris.
  • When the Earth stops moving, do not move yet. Wait for a rescuer (if you are under a debris) and do not shout as your lungs will be filled with dust.
  • If you are outside of the school, stay away from tress and electric wires (this may fall)

if it happened while you are at work:

  • Cover your head with your hand and DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.
  • Remember the drill and follow it. They say that when you are in a floor near the top, it is best to go upstairs (to the top floor) than go down.

if it happened while you are in your house (which I know most of us would wish for this):

  • TURN OFF THE MAIN SWITCH since earthquake can misaligned wiring and can lead to fire.
  • DO NOT GO OUTSIDE, instead get your pillows and cover your head with it (if you can grab a bottle of water or two, better)
  • Put your dining table under your stairs and go under it. Or if you do not have stairs, put it in a wall and go under it.
  • Stay there until the Earth stops moving. AS much as possible, do not go outside.

Here are some practical tips that will save your life when this kind of disaster happens:

  • Try to minimize objects with glass or objects made of glass in your home. It can lead to serious injuries when the glass shatters due to earthquake
  • Educate your kids specially your house help (if you have one) on what they should do. ( Do not panic.. etc.etc)
  • Stock on water, it won’t hurt to stock a litter or two on your cupboard (unopened and sealed) and make sure your first aide kit is complete.

During the time of disaster, always remember that the key for survival is presence of mind and prayers.

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