Living Room Lighting Idea

If you will notice, living room, aside from the kitchen and dinning room, is the most utilized room in the house. The family usually stays in the living room after a hefty meal or even before. It is the place where you receive visitors. Lighting a living room is done in many ways, depending on the desired effect of the house owner. Here are some typical lighting used in living rooms:

Natural light is used during the day. This is your best light option during the day and it can be easily controlled by the use of blinds and curtains. This can save you a lot in terms of electricity usage. Be practical and utilize the light that the day brings.

Table lamps is a good piece to ad character to the room. It does not only emit low light, which is very apt to the room, it also accentuates a part of the living room and adds drama to it.

If you don’t want to go for the traditional table lamps, you might want to try recessed lights. These are lights attached on the wall or the ceiling, in most homes, it appeared like scattered small lights. Although small, since they are many it also gives adequate light.

Another type of lighting that can be used and is gaining more popularity nowadays is the Task Lighting. This is a type of lighting where in it is only used when needed. A certain part of the house will only be illuminated when this is turned off. This is very practical specially for a family who have kids who needs to study. Instead of turning on the whole lighting fixtures in the living room to give off enough light, using task lighting will be better.

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