I do have a dream house. I want to have a big house with 3 to 4 bedrooms (and one small bedroom for the helper). I also want a house with a large kitchen.. oh wait! before I end up talking about my dream house, let’s move on to my dream tree. Of course, included on my dream place is big backyard where my kids can run wild and free and where I can plant trees and vegetables. I always turn green with envy when I see houses with fruit bearing trees. And yes, one of my dream tree is this:

Mango Tree. I want two kinds of mango tree, indian mango and the bigger one (kalabaw ba tawag dun?). Aside from Mango tree, I also want Malunggay tree. We love using its leaves as part of our dishes and so its fruit. I also want a guava tree, because it looks so nice in a backyard.

For this week, this is my entry for Green Monday.. Happy Green Living!




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4 thoughts on “GM #3: My Dream Trees

  1. hi mommy peh! yung dream trees mo nasa amin lahat… hehehe… my green monday entry… kuha ko galing sa malunggay tree… visiting you here!

  2. While we’re on the subject of dream houses, why not make it 2 helpers? 🙂
    Libre naman mangarap diba?
    Yes, I love malunggay too…it’s tinola time!

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