When we started pratcicing green living, I said I will make a weekly update on how much plastic we said no to. Over time, we got use to bringing our own bag that it does not appear to be extra ordinary to us (read: no biggie to blog about). We will go to the gorecery bringing 3-4 eco bags and would ask the bagger to just put the other items on a box if it does not fit with our bags. Even frozen goods goes straight to the bag or box, we don’t mind if the other items get as most of them would say. There was a time, no make that more often than not, we got strange stares or even irate look just because we don’t want to use a plastic bag. Sometimes it makes me feel bad.. yeah.. I mean, here I am trying to make our place a bit less polluted and these guys act as if I am the most stupid person for saying no to plastic.

Anyways, for my entry for the freshest and greenest meme in PMB community, the photo above is one of our trusted reusable bag (we have 5 or more). This is the biggest and it can accommodate a lot of items (as long as you pack it properly).

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7 thoughts on “GM #1 Big Green Eco Bag

    1. naku aside from the green bag we have 3 or 4 katsa din.. used for fruits mostly and grocery shopping.. yan green kase for wet market 🙂

  1. ako ay nagpapasalamat at ang sikat na si mommy Pehpot ay nagawi sa aking blog at nag iwan ng komento… hehehe… isa itong karangalan… hehehe… seriously, thanks mommy peh for dropping by my blog. let me know if you want to visit Bohol so i can help you arrange things like i did with one of the mommy bloggers in PMB. and show na lang the photo to your kiddos para maniwala sila… hehehe… at nagpromote pa talaga… thanks again! followed you na rin sa GFC!

    1. naku that will take time haha ipon muna at isang barangay ang kasama eh.. but I will keep you in mind as our tour guide LOL

  2. we have plenty of reusable bags, too! every store we buy one and reuse them every time :-);;;glad we can help save the mother earth di ba, Peh?

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