In a few government buildings I have been, I noticed that most are using Mist Cooling instead of air conditioning, although I noticed too that they don’t use it when there are expensive electronics in the area like hp printers. Is it cheaper? And is Mist Cooling more effective than air conditioning?

The technology behind Mist Cooling is creating a fog ultra fine water droplets from water. Specially designed misting nozzle is used here. Contrary to what people believes, Misting won’t make you wet. The fog produced or the water droplets produce are so tiny that it quickly evaporates in the air, making the air cooler.

Mist cooling is used on outdoors and big indoors. This is used in factories, in big establishments where air conditioning would be too expensive and it also used in industrial plants to suppress dusting. So I guess mist cooling is a cheaper way of cooling the air. I cannot say if it is more effective than air conditioning but it is more cheaper.

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