Valentines Day Decoration Ideas

I don’t do this. I don’t decorate my house for Valentine’s day but I had to look for Valentines Day Decoration Ideas for my son. They were asked to bring Vday decorations for their classroom. And you know me, I don’t go for simple decorations. As much as possible I want it to be unique and yet easy to do. So while I grab the chance to look for decoration ideas while I was browsing for mens ties. Most of the decorations I found were made of hearts, red, hearts and red. So I guess, will have to play with that, hearts and red. I decided to include some pink and some white. I made a boquet of roses (in red and in pink) and put it in a white vase (news paper made).

I made flowers from hearts! will post the tutorial soon as I am still compiling the photos.

Other Valentines Day Decoration Ideas are:

  • Hearts in red, pink and white made as chime
  • Decorate your sala set with little hear shape pillow. For a change, dress your sofa red and put small pillows in white and pink.
  • Give your wall some flavor, stencil little hearts on your wall (make it appear like stardust)

This Valentine’s Day it is up to you to decorate your house or not, it doesn’t matter as long as your house is vibrating with love, love, love.

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