Moving To A New Place

Moving is one of the most difficult thing to do for a homemaker. It involves a lot of burden, emotional, financial and even physical. Emotionally, moving to a new place can be very painful specially if you already have friends on the place you are currently living. Leaving the people you now consider friends is really hard. On the other side, moving to a new place can be beneficial emotionally. A new place, a new surroundings and a new set of friends awaits the mover. Financially speaking, there are so much to think of, the moving company, the rent for the new place and if you are to move in a new country, that would be more expensive. In terms of insurance, I am not sure if a mover should get a visitors insurance or other types of insurance when they settle to a different country, but definitely they would need a visitor health insurance for their health protection and also for their family’s health protection.

Physically, moving can be very exhausting. You start with sorting out the things you need and the things that you won’t be bringing in your new place. If you are someone to hold on to things, sorting out would be very difficult and again emotionally painful. Then you will have to pack them all, though there are companies who do this, there are some people who still wants to be involved personally (and I am one of those people). And the last thing is unpacking, which for me is the most difficult part. Unpacking also means making a home out of your boxes of clutter. Where would I place this? Where would I hang this? Sometimes, I think moving can be so much fun if you will just throw away everything and just buy new stuffs, but of course there is no challenge on that.

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