How To Save Up On Electricity During Summer

And with summer heat comes the need to always turn on everything, and it means more electric usage which will make our electric bill higher. So how can we be cooler this summer without making our bill (and pocket) suffer?

It’s hot and you’re thirsty always, you will be opening the fridge more often for thirst quenching drink (water.. water.. water!! make that verrry cold water). Do you know that the more frequent you open the fridge door, the higher is your electric consumption? yes it’s true. So what to with your thirst? Put water container on the fridge before sleeping (2- 3 water containers), 2 water containers on the ref. On the morning, take out all the containers from the ref. Start by drinking first the water that comes from the ref (to give time for water from the fridge to defrost). This will lessen the time that your fridge/ ref is open.

Make sure that your air c0nditioning unit is cleaned before the summer starts. And if it is old enough, change it (they say the lifetime of an aircon is 7-10 years).

Use blinds and curtains to prevent the sun rays from entering the house, but do not use thick materials as it will prevent the air from entering.

Wear light materials before you take your sleeping pill and sleep. Stay away from dark colored clothes as it absorbs heat.

De clutter your house for better air circulation. Also clean your windows.

On the first month of summer months, when you got your bill, try using Meralco’s Appliance Calculator to see what appliances are taking a lot on your usage.

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3 thoughts on “How To Save Up On Electricity During Summer

  1. with the summer coming I’m already dreading the way out electric bill would shoot up. I could really use some of your tips.

    Cruisin’ via TBE =)

    Also, dropping you an invite..Were having a meme every Thursdays, its called the Share-A-Thrift-Hunt Meme where we could feature thrift finds, goodies bought on sale, yard sales, anything bought on a good bargain. Hope you can check it out and join us =)

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