How To Minimize Your Plastic Use

We have been doing our part in saving our mother Earth. We have reduced our plastic use drastically. I cannot say that we are completely plastic less but we’re almost there. We no longer use plastic on our shopping (save for the impromptu shopping and in this case, we minimize the use of it). I am encouraging every one to lessen the use of plastic bags and below are some useful tips on how you can reduce the use of plastic bags:

When doing your grocery, if you can’t bring your own bag, tell the them to put it in a box instead of plastic. As much as possible, even your wet goods or frozen goods, don’t let them put it a plastic bag.

If your are buying produce and meats on farmer’s market or wet market, try bringing some reusable plastic containers, ask your butcher to put the meat in your container instead of plastic. But if you cannot do so, just tell them to use one plastic only.

When buying small items such as medicine tablets and the likes, you can tell the cashier not to put it in a small plastic bag. Small plastic bags have no use, they only clog.

Shopping can be fun and more eco friendly if you choose to bring your own shopping bags. And more fashionable too. Remember: Plastic is so last season. Even of your buying an inkjet printers, you can just bring a big eco friendly bag to put your printer on it.

Last but not the least, bring your own water. It will save you a lot from plastic use since you don’t have to buy mineral water when you are out.

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