Curtain Calls

You’ll be surprised to know that there are just way too many materials available for curtains, and choosing which material to use for your home is easy enough if you have a specific purpose in mind. If you were planning to inhibit incoming light into your room make sure to purchase vinyl-made curtains. The ones made with polyester are also ideal. On the other hand, if you want to let more light into your rooms, you must look for silk and cotton-based curtains. It is also good to note that you can also use materials of lighter shade like white, yellow or green. And you ought to buy silk or satin, or any other materials that reduce electrostatic without chemically treating your curtains, if you are in the look out for anti-static curtains.

Other common curtain materials include

acrylic (warm and strong)
cheesecloth (inexpensive, loosely woven and mostly used for translucent curtains)
cotton sateen (most popular lining used for curtains and mostly in buff color)
damask (extremely durable and has unique weave, patterns and colors)
lace (mostly used as a valance or netting for its mesh look)
linen (strong flax-span cloth)
muslin (a cotton-made lightweight gauze)

Some faciliteis such as malibu rehab treatment or hospitals are very keen on the type of materials for their curtain. In some cases, they usually opt for matrial that is durable and with light color.

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