Bahay Kubo Lyrics

This post is for my boys who is trying to learn Bahay Kubo. This song is the famous children’s Tagalog song. It is just right and proper that all Filipino kids learn to sing this song:

Bahay kubo, kahit munti
Ang halaman doon, ay sari sari
Sinkamas at talong, sigarilyas at mani
Sitaw, bataw, patani.

Kundol, patola, upo’t kalabasa
At saka mayroon pang labanos, mustasa,
Sibuyas, kamatis, bawang at luya
Sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng linga.

We used to live in Bahay Kubo or Nipa House. Although colder, there is always the roofing problem. BUt in the near future, I will ask my husband to build a small Nipa House for the kids to play.

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