Are Air Coolers Effective?

Last Summer there has  been a large demand for air coolers. Remember the time where in golds under water gained popularity and almost every one wants to buy metal detectors underwater? The same happened last year, almost every home maker wants their own unit of air cooler. This is a  cooling device that uses dry ice or ice to create or to produce cool air. It is not an electric fan and it also not an air conditioner. even on the appearance, it does not look close to the two mentioned above. It is portable and can be transferred to one place to another easily as it operates on wheels. The usual price of an air cooler is 3500 PhP or higher. Is it effective? I still prefer the use of electric fan as it gives out more air than the air cooler. Or if you use it both, it can give you more cool satisfaction, although when it comes to energy efficiency, I don’t know much electricity air coolers consumes.

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