Major Major

The major decision we had during the Holidays was brought about by our recent visit to Meralco Christmas Display. My kids want a bigger place, as big as the Meralco grounds (of course we cannot afford that) but the decision to move to another place was the answer. We are going to be in a place where the land is cheaper and where we can buy bigger lot. It’s a very big decision, emotionally and financially but we are both positive that we can make it this year. I will work overtime and he will too. This, we will be doing for the sake of the kids. Nothing can stop us now.

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3 thoughts on “Major Major

  1. What resolve! I commend you for your determination! I too wish that we can start building on our own house. I think I will need to have a talk with my husband again 🙂

  2. I really feel you with the decision. The metro is too crowded and IMO, not a nice place to raised kids. The need a bigger and wider place to run around without worrying na baka masagasaan or something, unlike in the city,nakakatakot.
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