How To Store Christmas Decorations

Have you started yet? I just finished our Christmas Decorations. Stored it in a box and sealed it with tape. The school will resume tomorrow and I just knew I won’t be able to do it this coming week. Funny as I start putting the decorations, I thought of  wireless security cameras and how it can perfectly fit in any garland on the door or even on the Christmas tree if you want to spy your helpers. Why I hadn’t thought about it earlier?

Anyways, here are some tips on how to make this activity easier for you:

  • Store the Christmas lights carefully and make sure that the wires are not tangled. Store it with label if you used different colors. Label each according to color and number of lights if you can remember.
  • Store the ornaments separately, balls goes with balls, flower with flowers and so on.
  • Label, label and label. This will really save you a lot come next Christmas.

And lastly, keep all things in dry places and storage room. Happy Cleaning!

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