Garden Furniture

We were out last night and saw some garden furniture..Husband says he wants wooden swing in the back yard. You know those antique looking wooden swing with big wooden wheel on the side. (oh I should have taken photos of it). Good thing that my mother has a friend who makes this kind of furniture. Have you been to Tiendesitas before? You can find there stores that sell different antique looking furniture, but I am not sure if all those are really antique and are made with an old wood. As for my my mom’s friend, we are assured that the wood they used are real old Mulawin wood (this are actually Mulawin roots).

Aside from the wooden swing, I also want to have a coffee table with chess board on it. It’s not for me (though it would serve its purpose as coffee table), this one would be for the boys. The thing about furniture made out of Mulawin is it can withstand any type of weather. This is the perfect garden furniture I believe but it can be really pricey (a bench costs 10000 Php or more)

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