Curtains In Our Bedroom

Blinds, curtains and the likes. We often heard of it in home making or home makers discussion. And yesterday, after a long debate with myself, I finally put u the curtains in our room. Yup, we never had one. What kind of homemaker I am right? It just so happens that our bedroom’s window are covered with boards, so I thought there is no need for blinds or curtains. Yesterday I do not what’s gotten into me that I put it up. My husband was like a football player who just received football gifts, he was really glad that the room has curtains. The kids too liked it better now. Make me feel more guilty why I never put it earlier.

When we have our new house (there I said it.. yup the reason why I need to earn more and save even more), I will make it a point to have curtains or blinds on each window.

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