Christmas Decorations Idea

It was 2004 when I experienced my first Christmas in a house I can say mine (although not my mine in terms of title but mine in terms of I am the homemaker of the house and no one else, read: MIL). And back then, we were short on budget. But I want that Christmas to be memorable so instead of buying expensive Christmas decors, I went to Divisoria to buy raw materials. I bought a 5 ft Christmas tree for just over a dollar (and we’re still using it until now). Now comes the Christmas tree ornaments.  I bought the usual red and gold combination Christmas Balls. For a person who does not have a lot of money, red and gold theme is the most practical. It never goes out of fashion hence you don’t have to buy new ornaments every year.

Aside from the balls, I made Poinsettia out of felt paper and wires. Took me almost a week to finish everything, and a few year after, I have to give them as they looked wash out after several use. But one of the ornament I made was  still in use up to now and I think you should consider on making one to add spice to your Christmas tree..

That’s a miniature gift used as Christmas ornament. What I did was to use cardboard and shaped it into small squares or rectangles. I used textured gold and red cellophane to wrap the box and decorated it with a ribbon. The photo above is form our window, which I decorated with garland and ornaments. Yup, 5 years and the miniature gifts are still in good condition.

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