Sewing Kit Thread

I believe that every home should have a sewing kit that compose of sewing needles and sewing thread.You can do a lot of things with a needle and a thread. Once my mother sew a post pregnancy belt that helped me to get rid of belly fat. And she can sew a shorts by her hand too.I am not as talented as she when it comes to sewing by hand. But sewing kit is a familiar scene here. You never know when you need to repair your dress. In fact, on my small make up kit, I have a small sewing kit there, you should too.

So what should you include in your sewing kit?

First, it should different kinds of needle. Put at least three kinds of needle there. A small one, a medium sized a big one. It should also have some pins on it. Choose pins which have ball on its end. Also put some safety pins in there.

When it comes to sewing thread, you can have at least five colors in your sewing kit. Buy a big white one since this color is the most used color on sewing. Also buy a black sewing thread and a red one. Look at your closet and see what is the majority of your clothes, is it blue? pink or brown? Then buy a thread in that color.

Other stuff you should put on your sewing kit is pin cushion and a small scissor.

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