Pinoy Henyo Game

This photo was taken last year, last December 24 (midnight) to be exact. We were playing some Christmas games and you guessed it right, Pinoy Henyo. This is a game popularized by the longest running noon time show, Eat Bulaga. Based on logic and sharpness of mind, hence henyo or in English term, Genius.

That’s my sister and her keyword is Google.. bwahahaha

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  1. 100% I like pinoy henyo. we really watch the eat bulaga. and how am I going to join / to submit my pinoy henyo word I like the t-shirt.hehehehe

  2. im an avid fan of pinoy henyo on eat bulaga. we watched it everyday. i would like to join the game on tv, i will submit my henyo word. i really like the tshirt.