Mommy’s Room

I’m the artsy craftsy type of person. I love rafts, arts and sewing. When we finally have our own house, I wish to have my own room. I can have my sewing kits there or maybe with that, I can finally save to buy me a sewing machine. I can also place my mannequin there and all my stuff that is related to sewing and creating clothes. It an be a place to display cheaper cigars collections or any of my would be collections. I can have a shelf for my camera (and soon to be cameras and lenses and anything about photography). And who knows, I can even put a small photography studio there with lighting and all.

All moms should have their own room, if it is possible. They should have their room where they can be just what they want except being a mommy. In here they an hone their talents and creativity. It can also serve as their scape room or rest room after doing household chores. And if you ask me what color should this be, though I would love to have in black, I can do with white. After all, with all my collections to be, the room will be more colorful than rainbow.

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