Rubber Mats For Kids

When I discovered rubber mats, I was hooked. Any mommy will agree. Rubber mats are next to safety. It can turn any hard floor to a safe soft floor. For a mommy of four kids, rubber mats has been my best friend ever since.

I use it specially when the kids are trying to learn how to walk. It has been very helpful to prevent the kids from tripping over and having a hard fall. The only problem I got is cleaning it and it becomes very slippery when wet. Back then, we only use the smaller rubber mats (1 by 1 foot) and it was painful to clean it. I am glad that I have known about the larger one which is 2×2 feet. But here, the only available 2×2 mats are thin and easily damaged. I am still looking for rubber mats that are thick and won’t hurt my pocket (if ever there is one).

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