ENRIChed Organically! It’s ENRICO!

ENRICO is made from an ultra-rich blend of natural ingredients and premium organic fertilizers. It is packed with all the nutrients your potted edibles need to perform the task of producing fresh fruits and greens continuously for your kitchen table. Supplement with fresh applications of organic fertilizers beginning two months after potting up.

  • ENRICO is pH neutral, making it well-suited for most edibles grown in the tropics
  • ENRICO is ideal for herbs, vegetables and fruits from seedling stage onwards
  • In case you’re wondering about the name — it’s called ENRICO because it’s ENRIChed Organically! That’s why it’s Enric-O!

Suggested Retail Price
18 liters – Php 168.75
6 liters –         59.75
2 liters –         21.75

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