Souvenirs As Displays

I was talking with Niko yesterday and talked about Sati’s birthday. We talked about giveaways and souvenirs and I mentioned to her how I never really like making souvenirs on each party I organize. I remember when I was a kid, most houses I have been collects souvenirs from weddings, birthdays etc, and display it on top of their tv rack or anywhere that is visible to their visitors. But for me, it’s an eye sore. I told her I am a minimalist and would rather just have modern furniture in my house and not much decors at all. Maybe a painting or two but those tiny souvenirs have to go. It just collects dust and it’s hard cleaning them specially those who have small flowerettes and all. But if ever my budget will allow, I might give a souvenir on her birthday but it would be something useful like an eco bag or customized notebook and pen.

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